NIRONE Research Kit (RESKIT)

NIRONE Research Kit (RESKIT)

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The NIRONE Research Kit is a complete package and especially suitable for research purposes at universities or industrial R&D labs.

NIRONE Research Kit includes specific Evaluation Kits for

  • 2nd overtone (S1.7)
  • 1st overtone (S2.0) and
  • combination (S2.5) spectroscopy ranges.

Research Kit also includes all required front optics for a different kind of material analysis. 

  • Micro reflection optics,
  • SMA-connector,
  • TubeOptics with bigger spot size in heterogeneous samples.

All optics can be easily changed for different measurement purposes.
NIRONE Sensors included in the kit can be connected through USB to PC and Sensor Control Software makes it easy to start studying different materials. The NIRONE Research Kit provides an excellent starting point for technology evaluation and application studies.

NIRONE Research Kit Includes
NIRONE Sensor S Evaluation Kits

Accessories included:

Key Benefits:

  • High-tech spectrometer features integrated into a small package
  • Modular design makes it easy to integrate in all designs
  • True near-infrared means better sensitivity and specificity
  • Significantly more cost-effective than its larger and more expensive alternatives
  • The durability and robustness makes it ideal to be used in challenging environments