NIRONE Sensor X Developer Kit (X2.0-DVK)

NIRONE Sensor X Developer Kit (X2.0-DVK)

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The NIRONE Sensor X Developer Kit includes 3 sensors, 3 USB boards and a developer guide that provides all the necessary information about how to integrate the sensor as a part of your product.
Our Sensor Control software is free to use with any of our devices and makes it easy to start studying different materials.

The NIRONE Sensor X Developer Kit includes:

  • 3 x NIRONE Sensor X modules,
    wavelength range: 1.55 - 1.95 um
  • 3 x USB board with flex cables
  • Developer guide
  • White reference target (25 mm)
  • 3 x USB-micro B Cable (1 m)

Downloadable software:

Sensor Control Software for X for Windows

Technical specifications NIRONE X:

Wavelength range  
1.55 – 1.95 μm (X2.0)
Light source Tungsten Filament
Communication bus l2C
Detective active area (NIR) 250 um (diam.)
Measurement spot (NIR) ca. 1,3 mm
SNR (NIR) Typically 5000, with averaging of 100, wavelength step of 5 nm and acquisition time of 290 ms
Measurement time (NIR) Typical 1 s
Colour sensor (RGB) TCS34725 color sensor
Power consumption

100 mW @ idle (5 V / 20 mA) 600 mW @ measurement (5V / 120 mA light source on)

Operation temp range +10 - +50°C (non-condensing)
Storage temp range - 20 - +60°C (non-condensing)